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Corinth Canal Boat Tour

Looking to take a Corinth Canal boat tour? We offer daily corinth canal cruise crossings starting from 10am.


Corinth Canal Boat Crossing

Our daily Corinth Canal Tour starts at 10am each morning, with a second tour in the afternoon during periods of high demand.

The tour lasts approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on marine traffic along the canal. The cost of the Corinth Canal Boat Tour is €25 per person plus a €5 booking fee. The Corinth Canal is an active shipping route for cargo, military and private traffic, so there is always plenty to see.

The Corinth Canal is not only a major shipping route, but also a huge tourist attraction with thousands of visitors visiting the canal to admire its engineering an construction. The unique design, and colourful history, of the Corinth Canal makes it a famous landmark both in Greece and internationally. 

Thousands of people see the Corinth Canal from the bridges above, but few get the experience of taking a boat trip down the Corinth Canal.

During the crossing, an audio guide will provide insight into the history of the canal, along with the disasters and power struggles it has experienced. The audio tour will guide you through the history and culture of this remarkable construction project, and enlighten you to the natural beauty and uniqueness of the Corinth Canal.

The Conrith Canal Tour Boat is a 24m modern vessel, with the indoor and outdoor spaces. The boat is manned by a highly trained crew and also includes a bar in order to satisfy the needs of all our guests during the trip. 

If you are looking for a private tour of the canal, please get in contact with us as we have many unique and suitable options available.

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